Order Options

Print order options:

RUSH - This option is for production only. This option places you in the RUSH que for production. Many times placeing you in front of hundreds of standard production orders. If you need a shipping upgrade please contact us to see what the best option will be. RUSH does NOT affect the shipping time only production time. (RUSH option is for paper prints only. RUSH orders cannot be cancelled or edited, please order carefully )

Borders - When you choose 1 inch border or 1/2 inch border the white borders are added outside your selected image area making the sheet size larger. 

Flat Shipping - This is for shipping art in a flat package. Bulk orders will ship flat automatically. Typically prints larger than 11x14 will ship rolled, if you order less than 7 prints. If you order 7 or more prints we can ship your prints flat. Shipping very large prints flat and 1-6 prints larger than 11x14 flat may need additional shipping charges. Contact us with any questions. 

Individually Bagged - We only keep standard size bags in stock for bagging: 5x7, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 12x16, 13x19, 16x20. So your art would be bagged in the closest size bag to what we have in stock. We can only bag up to size 16x20 unless you setup a custom order. (keep in mind that prints over 16x20 in any direction would not be bagged so please don't order those as bagged) These are archival, clear, resealable art bags made specifially for art storage. This option does not come with a board inside each bag.  

Drop Shipping - Choose this option if you need to print and ship direct to your client. We will NOT include any pricing information or any materials from GicleeToday with the shipment. 

Add Promo Items - Choose this option when you need to add a business card or branded item to a drop shipping order. You must contact us and send these items ahead so we are aware of what promo items you are adding to drop shipped orders. Also you will need to let us know per order in the notes section which item is being added. (add in the notes section NOT the custom message area) Please be sure to keep track of how many promo items you have sent, we are not able to keep inventorry for all promo items,  for every client. 

Custom Message - Choose this option when you want to add a printed custom message such as "Happy Birthday" or a message to help celebrate another special occasion. This will really set your drop shipping orders apart from the rest of the crowd. This message is printed and inserted into the order package. ( this is not a greeting card or special paper stock )  

Canvas Backing and Wire Hanger: This is for stretched canvas prints only do not use this option for rolled canvas. Backing will not be applied on canvas prints over 18x24. (Canvas backing is a thin, brown, acid free backing.) 

Canvas finishes: Studio canvas only has one finish which is a satin finish. Please keep this in mind when ordering.  

Choose these options near the end of your order and before you add shipping details and payment. Contact us with any questions!