Please be sure you read the file setup page and order details page before ordering prints. 

Production time is about 2-7 business days, depending on the size of your order and our work load. November and December are ALWAYS busy months so turn around times may be exteneded. Please be sure to let us know if you need your job by a specific date (rush charges may apply). ONLY RUSH production orders have guaranteed production times. Standard turn around times are guidelines but are NOT guaranteed. Please plan accordingly and let us know if you need orders by a specific date. 

You will receive an email with your Tracking number when your order is shipped. All orders are shipped with UPS services. If you want us to ship it faster, please indicate it so in the notes of your orders or uploads. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your account and viewing your order history and order status. We are not responsible for delays via UPS, standard UPS shipping is NOT a guaranteed service. Refunds are not permitted for shipping delays as this is beyond out control after it leaves our facility.  If you need an order by a specific date notify us via email or in the order notes. You may want to choose upgraded UPS shipping like UPS ground, 3 day , 2nd day or Overnight for specific deadlines. We can then change your shipping type for faster shipping and you will be billed accordingly.  Orders may be re-shipped at our discretion if an order is delayed by UPS more than the time frame estimated by UPS (This is will be up to GicleeToday discretion)

Proofs: You can order a single printed proof of your file online, it is the same cost as a single print on the paper you choose. Proofs on canvas are always sent non stretched.  Larger proofs will be shipped in a tube. If you have any other questions, please send us an email before placing your order. gicleetoday@gmail.com (We suggest ordering a proof if it is your first time ordering, we cannot reprint if your color or qulaity is off and you did not order a proof. If you doubt the color or quality and your color settings please order a proof (single print).  No returns for money back on proofs if color or quality is off, this is why you order a proof to check your color and quality setings.  We will reprint your product if it is a techical print problem or if there are damages during shipping. We cannot guarantee color accuracy or quality unless you order a proof (single test print). Money back guarantee, replacement print option is void if you do not order a proof (single test print).

Borders: If you ask us to add borders to a print when you order, all borders are added outside the image area that you order making the sheet size slightly larger. 

Shipping: When shipping larger prints and large orders shipping calculations may not be accurate when you order. There may be supplemental shipping charges due to larger prints costing more to ship or if an order has to ship in multiple packages. ( If you order one larger print and many smaller prints they will need to ship in 2 packages. ) Please contact us if you have a concern about shipping charges before you order. If a package is tracked as delivered and you did not get the package you will need to handle this with the shipping company fedex or USPS. Contact the shipping company to see if they will take responsability for the missing package. Be sure your address was correct on your order and be sure you are shipping to a safe location where packages can be safely delviered. In most cases fedex and usps will not replace a package that was TRACKED as DELIVERED. We use tracking on all packages to be sure they arrive at the address provided on the order. 

Combined Shipping: We cannot promise that we can combine shipping on mulitple orders after your order is placed. Be sure to check your order before completing the order to avoid having to request combined shipping. This process takes extra admin time and can cause issues with production and shipping logistics.

International Shipping: Please be very sure of the address you are entering for international shipping.  If an item is returned to us or lost in transit to an international location, our policy is to reship to YOUR location and then you will need to reship it internationally. If the wrong adress was supplied to us for the order or the package is returned to us, you will need to pay for shipping to your location. We will not reship international packages a second time outside the USA if they are lost or sent back to us. The package will have to be sent to your location. International shipping costs may not be accurate at check out and there may be added charges for larger packages shipping outside the US. Please ask for a quote if you are unsure about costs. International shipping can take days to several weeks depeding on the location and the shipping company. ALL international packages are sent as "import a taxes due", so your client or you wil need to pay the imprt fees. GicleeToday does not pay customs fees for outgoing packages. 

Print storage: All prints that are shipped flat should be stored flat and possibly stored flat in the same cardboard they are shipped in. Changes in humidity can cause any paper to curl. You can make sure you are storing prints in humidity levels ranging 50-60% humidity. If you store them flat under weight in the proper humidity the prints will flatten easily. Also, most artists tend to add a backer board you can find online to each bag so all prints stay flat. Proper humidity levels are very important for cottom fiber papers. 

Damages: Damages and loss can happen in transit from shipping. For Insurance claim reasons, You must provide images of the damaged prints AND packaging and it will be up to GicleeToday if we will reprint the order or refund the cost of the damaged prints. Damage claims and lost packages must be reported to us within 45 days of the ship date so we can work with usps and fedex. Returned packages are treated as lost or damaged and the client must let us know the package was not received, we do not always get a returned package back right away so it is up to the cleint to contact us about lost returned or stolen packages. This also applies to orders that may be missing a print in the package, we need to know within 45 days of the shipping date. For smaller orders with damages we may ask for you to destroy by tearing up the image of an unusable print in place of returning the print to us (this saves postage and return time for refund or replacement) Larger damaged orders we may ask for the prints to be sent back.

Payments: Larger orders over $5000, we require payemts via direct wire transfer to avoid the large fees charged by paypal or credit processing. Please contact us before placing a larger order to make payment arrangemnets. If you must use paypal or credit card for larger payments there will be a 3.5% transaction fee to cover the transaction fees in additon to the total cost of the order. We do NOT accept paypal e-check payments, all payments need to be credit card or direct paypal payments. E-check paypal orders will be cancelled. 

Refunds: You cannot ask for a refund after your print has been completed or in progress.  Orders may only be cancelled if printing has not started. RUSH orders are printed immediately after you order so they cannot be cancelled or altered, so upload and order RUSH carefully. If you file a chargeback with your credit card company or paypal about a refund, this costs us extra fees and your account with us will be terminated. If you feel you are still owed a refund on a previously cancelled order please contact us within 45 businsess days of the original order and we will investigate and refund if necessary. You cannot get a refund or cancel for a delayed standard printing order, these production times are all estimated and not guaranteed.  Printing costs will NOT be refunded if a package is delayed by UPS or USPS but we may refund shipping costs or RUSH fees after review. 

Image Backups: Please be sure to back up your images on your own. We cannot be responsible for images lost due to a server or techincal issue with our site. Storing images on our site is not considered to be a dedicated backup.  It is the artists responsability to keep current back up of their print files. We will not be able to copy files for you from our servers at any time due to security and privacy reasons. Keep a cloud backup or external drive back or drop box up of your images at all times. We can only keep images on our server for up to 6 months between orders.  We have thousands of clients,  so we can only keep images for a certain amount of time. If you continue to order, regularly,  within the 6 month time frame, the images are not removed. 

Print content: We reserve the rights refuse or choose not to print certain material: We will not print graphic nudity, graphic sexual imagery, visible sexual organs, suggestive sexual activities or pornographic materials. We are also not able to drop ship nude or suggestive artworks. If you have questions about this please contact us. 

Communication  - Emails and Phone calls: We will not work with clients who treat our staff with disrespect. Please treat us how you would like to be treated. If we make a mistake we will correct it. Please do not blame your possible mistake or a mistake by a shipping company on our staff. If a client threatens anyone in our company, we will not work that way.  Your account could be removed after any print problem is resolved. We would rather work out the issue in an adult manner. Threatening, angry emails with cursing will not be tolertated and your account may be placed under review or removed all together. If you want to threaten us, make demands and threaten to remove your business, we do not want to work under those conditions. We reserve to right to work with cleints who work in a professonal and respectful manner. 

International calls: Sorry we are not able to return calls to international numbers, we will be glad to contact you through email. Please be sure you leave your correct email so that we may get in touch with you. 

Accouting and Order HIstory: Sorry we are not able to keep purchase history records for the entire year for every client. We suggest using paypal payment records or credit card statements to track purchases for end of year accounting. 

WE ONLY SHIP TO THE ADDRESS LISTED IN THE SHIPPING ADDRESS ON YOUR ORDER UNLESS WE ARE TOLD OTHERWISE BEFORE SHIPPING. Any issues or extra costs that arise because of the wrong shipping address will be billed accordingly. Please be sure you list the correct shipping address. We cannot be responsible for packages declined/returned from a PO Box location. Returned packages may be subject to additonal charges if they need to be reshipped. (when the address matches the shipping address and the client did not accept the package or it was undeliverable by usps, UPS or fedex) If we are given the incorrect address the package may be lost in transit, this is not covered by package insurance if the wrong address or incomplete address is listed on the order. Please be sure to check the address you provide very carefully before ordering. 

Cancelled orders: There may be a small admin fee for cancelled orders so please be sure to proof your order before placing the order online. You can request order cancellation by email, phone or by voicemail but you cannot consider the order cancelled until you hear from us to confirm the order is cancelled.  Once an order is "in progress" the order cannot be cancelled. Please order carefully to avoid having to cancel due to sending the wrong file.