Giclee printing ordering details: Get the most out of your giclee art print

Please read carefully before placing an order.

Cropping/Resizing is NOT optimized for use on a tablet or mobile device, please use a desktop computer or laptop. We do not suggest using Internet Explorer web browser. We suggest Safari, Firefox or Chrome web browsers. 

Please email us if you have any technical difficulty uploading your files or placing an order. Thank you!  

PLEASE Do not reply to order emails we will not get the message. Do not use to contact us that is an automated email and we will NOT see the message. 

First be sure your files are RGB color mode and large enough (200-300 dpi at print size) and at full print size. (ex: if you want a 16x20, send a file 16x20 at 200-300dpi, not 16x20 at 600dpi) Please DO NOT upload CMYK files, production charges will apply if we have to convert from CMYK to RGB.

Place your order by clicking on the main Order link in the menu here

Using the crop tool: The crop tool is very simple: Set your size on the left, this will adjust the blue line of the print image area. Then use the tools above the image area, use the zoom out tool (minus magnify) to fit your entire image and that's it. It's very quick. Next page Proof and finish to add customize options and see your image preview and then add to cart. The crop tool is not meant for sophisticated editing and is really there for quick crops and resizing.

Simply upload your files by dragging them or browse for files on your computer. Customize/crop each file, select paper/styles and add to your cart. Adjust your print quantity and see your volume discount in your cart.

Order options:

RUSH: Rush orders cannot be cancelled or changed. These orders are printed immediately to make rush deadlines. Order carefully. Ask shipping questions before you order. RUSH is for produciton only and is not a shipping upgrade. 

Bagged: We can only bag up to size 16x20, do not order individually bagged for larger size they will not be bagged. 

Promo item: This is only if you have sent us promo items ahead of time and you have made specific arrangements for us to add promo items.

Shipping is calculated automatically in the system however due to the complexity of shipping art prints there may be an additional charge for large and oversize orders. Contact us for specific shipping quotes if you have questions before ordering. (Stretched canvas orders may require additional shipping costs)

Production time is about 1-7 business days, depending on the size of your order AND our work load. Please be sure to let us know if you need your job by a specific date (rush charges may apply). Typical turn around for Drop shipped PAPER orders is 2-4 business days (this is estinated only and can change based on our workload). Typical turn around for CANVAS only is 5-10 business days. Orders via FTP may take longer due to the manual billing process so please keep this in mind. Orders may not print and ship until they are paid in full or if you made other arrnagements with us.

You will receive an email with your Tracking number when your order is shipped. All orders are shipped USPS or Fedex unless you notify us, depending on your location. If you want faster shipping, please indicate it so in the notes of your uploads and you will be billed according to the shipping upgrade.

Proofs and Test Prints: IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT COLOR OR QUALITY OF YOUR FILE - ORDER A PROOF/Test print.  Proof is the cost of a regular print at that size, just like ordering a single print. Proofs on canvas are always sent non stretched. If you have any other questions, please send us an email before placing your order. (We suggest ordering a proof/test print if is your first time ordering, we cannot reprint your order if your color or quality of your image is off and you did not order a proof of the same exact file on the same paper before.  If you doubt the color or the quality of your image please order a proof. We WILL only reprint your product at no charge, if it is a technical print quality problem or if there are damages during shipping. We do not reprint proofs for free due to color, image quality or contrast issues, you may need to order and pay for multiple proofs until you are happy with your file adjustments.   We cannot guarantee color accuracy on your bulk order or final order unless you order a proof. Always proof on the paper you plan to use. Colors can change slightly per paper and canvas material. 

Canvas Prints: Stretched canvas prints are printed with mirrored wrapped edges unless you let us know via email that you request another style border. Custom borders can only be requested on 1.5 deep stretched canvas. We normally do not ship stretched canvas outside the USA, please ask first. We can ship rolled canvas internationally. Be sure to check your canvas files for white or dark lines and spotty artifacts near the print edge that you do not want to "mirror" around the edge, we may not catch this when printing. Order your prints at the size you need and we will create the edge for you.  

Deckeled Edge: This is a specific hand torn edge style that intentionally tears into your art area. If you do not want your art as part of the decckeled adge please include at least 1/2 inch white border all the way around your image. Full bleed art images will have the deckeled edge tear into the art up to 0.25 inch. 

Paper Samples: We would be glad to send out samples. The printed sample pack is $3 and it includes the printed samples and shipping. International samples are $7. Order under the order menu "order samples"  Please contact us with any questions!

Shipping flat: This order option is normally for bulk orders (10 or more prints) or for prints 11x14 and smaller. If you choose ship flat for a larger single print there may be additional charges ort we may choose to ship it rolled if it will be asafer shipping option. If you have to have it shipped flat please make request a shipping quote BEFORE ordering a large print shipping flat (under 10 prints total).

Thicker papers may have a slight curl due to dry climates and drastic changes in humidity, this will not affect the archvial quality or the ability to frame the art print. 

Shipping: When shipping larger prints and large orders shipping calculations may not be accurate when you order. There may be supplemental shipping charges due to larger prints costing more to ship or if an order has to ship in multiple packages. Please contact us if you have a concern about shipping charges. ( this is especially true with international shipmetns and larger cavnas prints ) 

WE ONLY SHIP TO THE ADDRESS LISTED IN THE SHIPPING ADDRESS ON YOUR ORDER UNLESS WE ARE TOLD OTHERWISE BEFORE SHIPPING. Any issues or extra costs that arise because of the wrong shipping address will be billed accordingly. Please be sure you list the correct shipping address. We cannot be responsible for packages declined/returned from a PO Box location.